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Understanding the Tear Trough Filler

The tear trough filler is a kind of dermal filler that is injected into the ‘trough’ just beneath the eye to lessen its hollowness. This usually dark area is where you have those ‘bags,’ and causes under-eye shadows that make you look sleep-deprived or exhausted. This commonly dark area is where those ‘bags’ appear, and leads to under-eye shadows that make you look tired and sleepless.

Women may solve this issue with concealer, but though this may hide the dark discoloration, it does not fix the hollowing, which contributes to the darkness and wasted look.

The hollowing below the eyes is linked to aging and could be the result of several factors, for example, the person’s diet, the weather, or even genetics. Unfortunately, the process is irreversible but tear trough fillers can certainly help.

Tear trough filler treatments are popularly administered using the so-called cannula technique. Here, an extremely thin tube known as a microcannula is used to inject the filler into the tear trough. An insertion point will be made by the doctor around the client’s cheekbones where the microcannula will go. This means the injection can be performed with greater precision. The cannula technique comes with less bruising and generally causes zero pain too. In addition, it is safe for sensitive areas, such as underneath the eyes.

As soon as the filler has been injected through the cannula, the results are immediately seen. Like all other dermal fillers, tear trough fillers make the injected area absorb more fluid from the body, giving it a plumper and more refreshed look, thanks to the increased hydration.

The results are generally good for up to 12 months, but note that the exact outcomes may not be the same for everyone because genetic factors are also involved.

Recovery can vary too, but in most cases, it will come after a maximum of 2 days. Sensitivity is also likely within the first 24 hours right after treatment. While there may be swelling and/or bruising, it is usually minimal. The treated areas should not be rubbed or even touched for at least an entire day. It is also best to avoid make up for the next 12 hours.

Lastly, one of the most concerning questions people may have about cosmetic procedures, in general, is regarding safety. So are tear trough fillers safe or not? As in any other procedure, a person who comes in for trough filler treatment will be assessed by a doctor based on their complete medical history and lifestyle, including whether they have had similar treatments before and what their expectations from tear trough fillers particularly are. The information obtained from this interview will then be used to determine if the procedure will be safe for them.

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