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Evaluation of NLP Hypnosis.

In the many forms of hypnosis, the most effective is the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This is due to the way the treatment is performed. In NLP, the suggestions are not provided to our subconscious. It this technique, the thought patterns are provided in the areas which are causing us concern. In this treatment, the new thought is used to eliminate the problem. This site will evaluate the NLP hypnosis.

The NLP is based on three components. The tree components are the NLP anchoring, NLP flash and NLP reframe. The NLP anchoring means the way of anchoring the desired state such as the feeling of self-esteem in our body. For example, recalling and visualizing a time when we are admired or rewarded for a perfect job. NLP helps us to regularly raise our sense of self-esteem or we can self-motivate ourselves. It uses the stimulus to trigger the response, memory, behavior or feeling desired. A unique stimulus is used to establish an anchor. This method does not call for use to the things that are familiar and general. Such common occurrence as handshake could not be used but such activity as pulling of earlobe can be used as a stimulus.

In our everyday activities, we use the stimulus. The examples could be listening to the old music that will remind us singing them in our teenage age or the when driving, certain traffic lights will initiate a certain response. In the NLP anchorage, we tend to attach a particular feeling, happening or event to a particular stimulus and can recreate that situation at any time by using the stimulus.

There is a difference between the NLP flash and the NLP anchoring. The hypnotist can train the body to abstain from the cigarettes and coffee when it comes to the NLP flash. This technique, it is the very effective method which can be used to train someone to abstain from smoking or to lose weight. The NLP flash method, the thoughts are changed or flipped in the unconscious mind. The thoughts and the experience that an individual used to create stress or a particular action are now used to create relaxation or a different action. An individual who is used to smoking while talking on the phone will always take a cigarette whenever the phone rings hence this technique can help such a person to substitute a cigarette with another response.

In the NLP reframe, an individual with negative beliefs, behavior, and events is helped to replace them with the positive ones. We tend to apply our own beliefs and values to the events and situations as they have no meaning on their own, so that we can provide the meaning to them. By changing the way we view events, we change the response and the behavior which makes for a different outcome.

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