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It has been known that the energy price has been continuously increasing as time goes by, which leads people to look for alternative ways to save their utility bills. While many opt to add insulation to their homes, replace old appliances with new eco-friendly appliances, and even switch to energy saving light bulbs, one area that most don’t always consider is the amount of energy that is lost through the windows in their homes. It has been studied that he amount of energy lost through the inefficient and ineffective window treatments reach up to 30& and that is something that should be solved already. There are certainly a lot of reasons why energy lose inside the house, one of which is through the leakages that pass through the window and the other is because of the heat flow that is cause by the window’s frame and glass. Although the most effective way to reduce this energy loss is by replacing old windows with new energy efficient windows, not everyone can afford to replace all of the windows in their home. There are definitely a lot of solutions in order to solve problems against energy loss inside the house, however, the one which is becoming more popular nowadays is the residential window tinting.

Tinting is very beneficial most especially during cold season since the tinting can help prevent heat from escaping through your windows. For those of you who still doesn’t know much about tinting, then it is an insulation that is added to the window in order to prevent the loss of heat inside the house and at the same time, is still capable of letting natural light enter the house. It has also been known that air conditioner units are working extra powerful most especially during summer season because the heat that enters the house is unbearable. Window tint can block as much as 99% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. The combination of window tint’s added insulation effect, in conjunction with its ability to block some of the visible light and UV rays, helps keep outside heat from entering through the window glass and keeps the cool air inside from escaping. Due to tint’s insulation properties, it helps to equalize the temperature in your home, resulting in your heating and cooling systems not having to work as hard to maintain your preferred temperature. It is indeed advisable to have your windows tinted as it does not only let you save energy, but it also let you feel good inside your home.

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